NWCL T20 Imp Update: Reducing numbers of overs for all T20 games to 18 overs
09/09/2021Posted by Admin 232

Club reps,Effective immediately, NWCL Management has decided to reduce the number of overs to 18 overs/innings for all T20 games. This decision had to be taken for the below reasons:1. Games getting [...]

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NWCL 2021 T20 schedule published for this weekend - 21st & 22nd Aug
08/17/2021Posted by Admin 232

Clubs,Please be advised that the T20 schedule has been updated for this weekend. Please feel free to reach out to the NWCL Management if you have any concerns/questions. As stated in BOD meeting, thi[...]

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NWCL T40 Play Off Draft Schedule Published
08/16/2021Posted by Admin 232

Hi Clubs,Please be advised that the 2021 T40 Play-off draft schedule has been updated. Div B Semi-Finals have been scheduled on Aug 21st and Aug 22nd and Div A and Div C Sem-Finals are scheduled on 2[...]

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2021 40 Overs Schedule Published
05/09/2021Posted by Admin 232

Clubs,2021 40 Overs schedule is published now. Please go through the same and reach out to the NWCL management if you notice any conflicts in either game or umpiring assignments. 

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2021 T40 Schedule Error
04/28/2021Posted by Admin 232

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2019 T20 Schedule Update
08/11/2019Posted by Amit Thakur

Hi Club Reps and T20 Captains,Schedule for this weekend is out, Please get back to me in case there is conflict. No other request will be entertained. :)Deadlines:-Schedule released for 1 week (17th [...]

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NWCL T20 2019
05/06/2019Posted by Amit Thakur

Hello League Reps/Captains, Management is planning to conduct T20 tournament from August 17th, 2019. We would like to get confirmation from the clubs on the number of teams that they would [...]

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2019 NWCL 40 Overs Tournament Playoffs : August 17 - August 25
03/27/2019Posted by Amit Thakur

Play-offs:Semis: August 17th and August 18thFinal: August 24th and August 25thFor any question please send email to

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